Eligibility requirements differ across our Affordable Housing products, some products have lower income limits and rent the subsidy varies between 25 and 30%. This ensures we remain responsive to the diverse needs of the community and continue to deliver optimal social and economic impact.

You can check the eligibility requirements for our different Affordable Housing products here:

NRAS Affordable Housing eligibility requirements and Eligibility Calculator

Key Worker NRAS Affordable Housing eligibility requirements and Eligibility Calculator

Key Worker Affordable Housing eligibility requirements and Eligibility Calculator

Maximum Income Limits for the National Rental Affordability Scheme

Many of Venture’s Affordable Homes are available at below market rent as part of the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS). 

A household’s gross income for the 12 months prior to the commencement of a tenancy of an NRAS home must be equal to or less than the relevant income limit for the household’s composition.  

Register your interest

To be considered for our affordable housing products, you must register via our online Expression of Interest (EOI) registration form by following the steps below:

Please note that this EOI is for Venture’s owed and managed affordable homes. If you are looking to rent in the private rental market with a Rent Choice rental subsidy, please click on this link to find out more.


Complete our online Expression of Interest registration form

Expression of Interest registration form 

Please ensure you know your gross weekly household income (including Centrelink, family tax benefit, child support, overseas pensions or salary, ongoing family support or superannuation received) before you proceed to register your interest.  


Review information provided

If your registration meets our initial eligibility requirements, you will be advised and provided with information regarding the application process.


Prepare to apply

Start gathering the relevant information required so that you are well prepared to submit an application for a property when one becomes available.

Useful Tip: When submitting an application, it is important that all information and supporting documents are current, such as bank statements and payslips. 

We suggest updating your documentation and filing payslips and statements somewhere each month to ensure they are always on hand when you need them.

What to expect once registered


Once you have registered your interest, you will receive an email either:

a) advising that the information provided did not meet our initial eligibility requirements, or;  

b) confirming that the information you provided meets the initial eligibility requirements and you have been added to our Affordable Housing Register. This email will also provide you with your Affordable Housing Registration Number and details of the application process for a property once a suitable one becomes available. 


When a property becomes available that meets your needs, we will contact you to check if your situation has changed.


If you are still deemed eligible, we will provide you with details of the property and how to apply.


If you wish to apply, you must submit your application form with current supporting documentation within the timeframe* provided by Venture staff

Useful Tip: contact your references and let them know to expect a call.

*The timeframe provided to submit your application could be as short as 48hrs.  


We will check your application, assess your income to confirm your eligibility and contact your references.

We try to do this as quickly as possible; we sometimes need to wait to hear back from referees. 


Once your suitability is confirmed, your details will be forwarded to the tenancy team and they will contact you with details to view the property.


It is likely that there will be other approved applicants invited to view the same property. 

Venture will consider its Policy and priority criteria when identifying the most suitable applicant for the property. The successful applicant will be notified following the viewing. 

Our staff are happy to assist you with any queries you may have in the process. 

Venture Housing does not provide short-term or crisis accommodation. If you need help with crisis accommodation, please check out the Shelter Me app at https://www.shelterme.org.au/