Vision, Values & Strategy

Vision Statement

For all Territorians to be able to access affordable and secure accommodation with an emphasis on the provision of affordable housing for key workers.  Venture Housing Company’s goal is to make a significant contribution to the supply of affordable and social housing in the Northern Territory by working with the government, private sector and NGOs through partnership to deliver housing projects.

Venture’s Values:-

  • Inclusiveness, choice and greater equity for our clients.
  • Customers and staff being central to all things.
  • Innovation in our thinking and actions.
  • Collaboration and partnerships.
  • Transparency, honesty and trust in all our dealings.
  • Application of business-like disciplines and accountability alongside strict standards of Governance.

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Key strategic priorities 2015-2018

  1. The Growth of Venture’s Affordable Housing Portfolio in the Northern Territory
    Key Strategic Objectives include:-
    • Specific needs across the Northern Territory (where sustainable)
    • Partnership leveraged development long-term rental housing across the housing continuum
    • Pathways to home ownership
  1. Partnering with Key Stakeholders
    Key Strategic Objectives include:-
    • Delivering solutions to the NT Government’s housing objectives and strategies
    • Partnering with other not-for-profit organisations (service provider networks)
    • Partnering with business, community and others
  1. Developing a Diversified Business Model
    Key Strategic Objectives include:-
    • Added value Fee-for-Service activities (aligned to core business)
    • Innovative commercial partnerships which add value
  1. Building the Capacity of the Organisation
    Key Strategic Objectives include:-
    • Robust Strategic Asset Management Plan and Strategy to maximise and protect Venture’s assets and which addresses and builds capacity
    • Strong governance, risk management and compliance platform
    • Robust administration capacity (staff, systems and compliance)
    • Pursuit of Tier 1 registration with the National Regulatory Framework, as it applies in the Northern Territory
    • Leadership, innovation and advocacy in housing models and policy