Ending your tenancy

Under the terms of the Residential Tenancies Act, tenants must give a minimum of 14 days written notice if you are moving out at the end of your lease or if you wish to break you lease and move out before your lease expires.

If you wish to break your lease, you must:

  • Advise Venture Housing in writing of your intentions, the more notice the better
  • Provide a date that you intend to hand back vacant possession
  • Prepare the property for the outgoing inspection as per the ingoing inspection report minus fair wear and tear
  • Be prepared to continue making rent payments until another tenant can be found to take over the lease.

Vacate Checklist

As you are breaching your lease agreement contract you are responsible to pay rent until a new tenant is found or the lease expires, whichever comes first. Venture Housing will endeavour to find a replacement tenant as soon as possible

Venture may terminate your tenancy, in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act (NT), when you:

  • Are in breach of the Residential Tenancy Agreement; or
  • No longer meet the current eligibility criteria for affordable housing outlined in the guidelines.

If Venture needs to end your tenancy, we will ensure that:

  • The termination notices issued comply with the legislation.
  • You are provided with information and access to legal advice, support and interpreters.
  • You are aware of your rights and responsibilities regarding the ending of your tenancy.
  • You are given adequate time to find alternate accommodation and to move your belongings.
  • You are provided with details of the vacating procedure.

Whatever the reason is for your tenancy being ended, Venture aims to ensure that you have the appropriate advice and support.

Final Inspection

The Property Manager will contact you to arrange for a final inspection.  If the property is damaged, not clean, or there are other outstanding matters, money will be deducted from your bond to cover repairs and cleaning.

Rent will be charged until the keys and any swipe cards/fobs are returned to the Property Manager.  Keys, swipes and fobs must always be returned in person and not by mail.

Getting Your Bond Back

When you leave your Venture property, we would like to be able to return your full bond and offer the home to a new affordable tenant as soon as possible.  You can help us do this by:

  • Giving us as much written notice as possible of the date you are moving. You must at least give us fourteen (14) days’ notice in writing before your lease is up.
  • Ensuring rent is all paid up to the day the property is handed back.
  • Removing all rubbish, both inside and outside.
  • Cleaning the property so it is as clean as when you first moved in. This includes cleaning the windows, walls, doors and door frames, inside cupboards, the oven and griller, floor and bathroom tiles.
  • Repairing or replacing anything you have damaged (with the Property Manager’s knowledge and consent).
  • Arranging an inspection of the property with your Property Manager.
  • Returning the keys without delay.
  • Giving us your new address and bank account details for the refund of your bond.