Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have visitors or relatives come and stay?

Venture understands that you might have visitors, friends and relatives staying with you from time to time. Generally, if a guest stays in your home for longer than four weeks in a year, we will assume that they have moved in with you and will include them in your rent calculations.

The tenancy agreement you signed states how many people are entitled to live in your home. If this changes, you need to let us know. We need to approve the change in the number of people living with you as there may be issues with the occupancy specifications and usually it will mean a change in your rent.

Can I have a pet?

Permission must be sought first if you want to have a pet. We can consider pet with some of our properties provided the house is fully fenced and has a reasonable sized yard. Please obtain written permission from us before getting a pet. If you receive our permission, you must also comply with all local Council requirements.

Can I smoke in my property?

No, all Venture’s properties have a strict no-smoking policy within the tenancy. Smokers are asked to please ensure that they only smoke outside e.g. in the garden, courtyard or on the balcony; and to thoughtfully and properly dispose of the cigarette butts.

Can my new partner or another flatmate move in with me?

When you signed your tenancy agreement with Venture, we agreed on how many people could live in your home and the identity of these people. However, we recognise that families change – partnerships start or break up, children are born or grow up and leave home. Please keep us informed of the changes in your household as this could affect your eligibility for affordable housing.

Can I move to another Venture property?

If the number of people in your household changes significantly, you need to be in a different area or there are other reasons that you cannot continue to live in your current housing, and Venture has a suitable home available, you may apply for a transfer.

For us to find you another home you must:

  • Still meet the affordable housing eligibility criteria.
  • Be up-to-date with your rent.
  • Have no NTCAT orders or serious complaints against you.
  • Not be the reason that Venture is terminating your lease.
  • Be prepared to meet the cost of moving.

We will ask you to complete the relevant forms and will discuss your reasons with you. Your transfer application will be considered based on an assessment of your needs and the availability of a suitable home.

We will do our best to assist but cannot guarantee to be able to help you.

What happens if I lose my keys?

If it occurs during business hours we can help you out by lending you our set of keys, which you will need to collect from our office and will need to be returned the following day. As Venture needs to have a spare set of keys at all times in case of an emergency, if you do not bring back the loaned set of keys within one (1) business day, you will be charged for the cost of the locksmith cutting a new set.

Should you lock yourself out over a weekend, during a public holiday or at night you will need to arrange a locksmith to let you into your property at your own expense. Your lease has the contact details for the After Hours locksmith for your property.

If you have lost your keys or damaged a fob, you will be required to pay the cost of replacement.

Can I hang pictures, put up shelving or make changes to the property?
You should not make any changes to the house or garden without first obtaining permission, even if you intend to pay for the changes. This includes installing shelving, changing fittings, improving security with doors, grills or locks, attaching screens, removing plants or lawns or creating gardens.  If there is an improvement you would like to make, please write to your Property Manager and we will reply in writing.