Your Tenancy – Bond, Rent & More

Tenant Handbook

This handbook has been developed to provide you with general information about your tenancy with Venture.

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Your Rent

Your rent must be paid fortnightly in advance and by a Direct Deposit into Venture’s Bank Account. This can be done by online banking or deposit at any Westpac Branch.

Venture does not accept cash payments.

Venture accepts Centrepay through Centrelink, however it remains the tenant’s responsibility to put this in place.

It is important that you communicate if you are having any issues paying your rent on time. Our aim is to maintain your tenancy, so if you are having problems, please discuss these with your Property Manager to arrange a manageable payment plan of your arrears.

Continual ongoing rental arrears may lead to eviction or non-renewal of your lease when it expires. This may cause problems for you if you wish to rent anywhere in the future.

Your Bond

A rental bond is an amount of money paid by you, the tenant, as a form of security to Venture in case you do not meet the terms of your tenancy agreement.

You are required to pay the equivalent value of four (4) weeks’ rent as a bond at the commencement of the Residential Tenancy Agreement. Tenants in Affordable rental properties may be eligible for Bond Assistance from the NT Department of Housing and Community Development.

Please discuss this with a Venture Property Manager when applying for tenancy.

The bond will be refunded to you on leaving the property as long as you do not owe any rent and the property is left in the same condition (excluding fair wear and tear) as at the commencement of your lease. See Ending your Tenancy for more details.

Your Lease

Tenants are required to enter into a standard Residential Tenancy Agreement (also called a ‘lease’). The Residential Tenancy Agreement will be for a fixed term of between 3 – 12 months. These can be renewed as long as you remain eligible and abide by your Residential Tenancy Agreement. This includes:

  • Paying your rent on time and in full
  • Keeping your home clean and tidy
  • Making sure your home is not damaged and reporting any damage as it occurs; and
  • Being a good neighbour.

The Residential Tenancy Agreement must be signed within three (3) working days of the offer being accepted or as otherwise agreed with Venture.  This is an important legal document, so please keep your copy in a safe place.

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Property Condition Report

Within three (3) business days of your taking possession of a property, you will receive a Condition Report prepared by Venture. This report will give details of the conditions of the house or unit before you moved in. You should check to make sure that the report is correct and then sign and date the report in the spaces provided and return it to us within five (5) business days from the start of your tenancy. Please make sure that you write details of any items that may have been missed in the report. We encourage tenants to take photos of any damage they identify and provide copies on returning the Property condition report.

The Condition Report will be referred to at the end of your tenancy to determine whether or not your bond will be refunded.

Property Inspections

In order for us to make sure that your home is being properly maintained, we will make three-monthly inspections of all the properties that we own and/or manage. Once we have scheduled the inspection, we will give you at least seven (7) days’ notice in writing.

Making Changes to the Property

It is important that your home is kept in much the same condition it was when you moved in, unless Venture makes changes or you have written permission from us to make changes. You should not make any changes to the house or garden (if applicable) without first obtaining our consent, even if you intend to pay for the changes.

This includes installing shelving, changing fittings, improving security with doors, grills or locks, attaching screens, removing plants or lawns or creating gardens.

If there is an improvement that you would like to make, please write to your Property Manager and we will reply in writing.

Tenant Responsibility

As a tenant, you have the responsibility to:

  • Check your Property Condition Report to ensure it is correct and sign, date and return it to us within five (5) business days
  • Pay your rent on time and fourteen (14) days in advance
  • Pay your water usage bills that are sent to you
  • Keep to any agreement to pay off any money owing to Venture
  • Submit your Lease renewal by the due date
  • Keep your property in a clean and safe manner at all times
  • Ask permission for any current or future pets
  • Not smoke inside the property
  • Advise us within fourteen (14) days if your circumstances change, including income and additional household members
  • Report any maintenance issue as soon as you know that there is a problem or concern
  • Contact us if your property’s smoke detector is not working
  • Provide fourteen (14) days’ notice if vacating the property and leave it in the condition agreed to in the Property Condition Report minus fair wear and tear
  • Reply to our requests by the due date
  • Grant Venture access to your home should we need to complete inspections, home visits or repair work.