Our Vision

Thriving residents and connected communities

Our Purpose

Creating futures through affordable housing

Our Values

  • We are proudly Territorian

  • We are trustworthy, professional, and subject-matter experts 

  • We are inclusive, approachable, and caring

  • We are innovative, collaborative, and nimble 

  • We are committed to maintaining high standards of governance and compliance 

We will always engage with you in a manner consistent with our values and we are committed to respectful, responsive professional, and supportive relationships.

Venture is building futures through affordable housing and providing tenants with the stability and confidence to invest in their communities and play their part in the social and economic fabric of the NT. 

  • Our tenants are at the heart of all that we do.
  • We advocate for, and deliver best-practice Affordable Housing solutions.
  • We are one of two NFPs that are approved NRAS providers in the Northern Territory.
  • We adopt sustainable practices to protect the longevity of our business and environment.
  • We champion new ideas and drive new solutions, by building on our knowledge and collaborating with our partners.
  • We are lifelong learners - committed to our growth, and the growth of our sector and economy.

Our Strategic Objectives

  • Delivering innovative growth and sustainability
  • Engaging with and responding to our tenants and communities
  • Collaborating for impact
  • Supporting and enabling our team to lead and achieve

Venture plays a vital role in raising awareness about the issue of homelessness, advocating for the need for more social and affordable housing, and the benefits that the community housing sector brings to unlocking the social and economic capacity of the NT. We have a long-term plan to grow our offerings through innovative solutions to make more housing available to Territorians within target groups most in need.

You can view our 2022 - 2025 strategic plan here.