What is Social Housing?

Social Housing is rental housing that is funded or partly funded by the government, and that is owned or managed by the government or a community housing provider like Venture, and let to eligible persons. Rent is usually set at around 25% of gross household income plus 100% of Commonwealth Rental Assistance. 

The social housing services system aims to provide low-income people who do not have alternative suitable housing options with access to social housing assistance that supports their social and economic participation and their well-being.


To access our social housing, you must be on the NT Government public housing waitlist. To find out how to apply, please visit https://nt.gov.au/property/public-housing/apply-for-housing/apply-for-public-housing or contact the NT Government Housing offices below:

  • Greater Darwin 08 8999 8814
  • Palmerston 08 8999 4767