Representing our vision

In December 2022, our NRSCH registration status was elevated from Tier 2 to Tier 1 – the first “home grown” Tier 1 provider in the NT. In this context, we embarked upon a re-branding project with Jillian Betts of Saie Comms and Anthony Lew-Fatt of Cultural Journeys to refresh our brand and reintroduce ourselves with a new logo and brand design that better represents what we do, and which aligns with our strategic direction and customer service.  

In May 2023, we unveiled our new look, doing away with the old logo and branding and replacing it with a fresh and energetic design. Inspired by the diversity, uniqueness, and vibrancy of the Territory, our new brand features artwork by Anthony, conveying themes of connection, community, and progress, representing the opportunities that exist once a person secures a safe, stable, and affordable home.

We wish to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of both Jillian and Anthony in bringing to life our vision for a unique and compelling brand.   

Jillian Betts

Jillian Betts is the director of Saie Comms and a senior brand, communications and customer experience specialist, as well as a qualified graphic designer. Jillian is a gifted writer, storyteller and designer.

Portrait photo of Jillian Betts, Director of Saie Comms and senior brand, communications and customer service specialist.


Alongside her Bachelor of Communications and Media (Advertising and Marketing) and Bachelor of Creative Arts (Graphic Design and New Media), Jillian brings with her over fifteen years of experience working with leading brands in the NFP, HR and leadership development, and entertainment sectors, amongst others.

She is creative, strategic and authentic and has assisted Venture both through this project and others, to develop its new brand and positively project its strategy and culture.

You can learn more about Jillian and her work at Saie Comms here 


Anthony Lew-Fatt

Anthony Lew-Fatt is the founder of Cultural Journeys, a 100% First Nations Owned and Operated business with a mission to foster understanding, build bridges, and celebrate the diversity and resilience of First Nations culture.

Portrait photo of Anthony Lew-Fatt, a proud Arrernte man, artist and founder of Cultural Journeys


Cultural Journeys aims to create positive change through the application of cultural principles and practices as well as celebrating First Nations Culture through its work in consultation, mentoring and training, alongside the sale of artwork and promotion of its 100% Aboriginal-owned clothing brand.

Anthony is an Arrernte man who was born and raised in Alice Springs. From his time growing up on country, Anthony has a strong knowledge, and appreciation, of the importance of his connection to home.

Anthony has over 10 years of experience engaging and leading First Nations affairs initiatives, strategies and programs, where he has always worked to address social disadvantage, community engagement, and employment. 

You can learn more about Anthony and Cultural Journeys here

Artwork representing the opportunities Venture Housing provides through stable and affordable housing by Arrernte artist Anthony Lew-Fatt.


“This piece represents the opportunity that Venture Housing provides through their services not only to First Nations people but to all people. 

Each of the circles represents a major town or city within the Northern Territory where all people come together to access services by Venture Housing and by other providers that Venture Housing aims to support. The lines connecting each place represent the journey that we all take in life and the journey some take to Venture Housing in order to create stability, safety and opportunity.

The U shapes represent people who want to take positive steps and are meeting with Venture Housing. The colours represent the different regions in Salt Water and Fresh Water Country as well as the Desert. The feet are mirrored to reflect the steps that some take to create a positive change in their lives, it also symbolises the increase in opportunity that is provided through stable and safe housing.”   

Anthony Lew-Fatt

Three generation diverse family in front of a house smiling, new Venture Housing branding with greens, pinks yellows and reds representing the vibrancy of the Territory

Thriving residents, connected communities

Venture's refreshed brand represents the dynamism, cultural sensitivity and vitality that we bring to the community housing sector in the Northern Territory.

It represents our Territory roots, our celebration of diversity, our commitment to innovation and growth, and our respect for First Nations people, the local community and the environment. It tells the story of opportunity and expresses our vision of, ‘thriving residents, connected communities’. 

The vibrant colours represent newness and innovation, and the softer handwritten font connotes approachability and tenderness, recognising the important role we play in supporting vulnerable people with kindness and care.